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The Alpaca Association of New Zealand (AANZ) is an incorporated society with the purpose of promotion and education for the development of the alpaca industry. The Association brings together and provides members with support and information regarding alpaca. It is the custodian of the pedigree registry and breed standards. AANZ supports and promotes many aspects of the industry run by the members. Annual events include the National Show held in Spring and National Alpaca Day in May. AANZ also serves as the alpaca industry body when working with MPI.

A little bit of history...

Alpaca have been in NZ since as early as 1847, however, the breed did not establish until the late 1980s when Ian Nelson had the status of alpaca legally changed from a “zoo animal” to “livestock”. Ian was bestowed the first Life Member of AANZ.

Originally AANZ was part of the Alpaca and Llama Association of New Zealand (ALANZ), and in 2001 became AANZ, an alpaca only organisation. Geographically members are currently spread all around New Zealand and vary from new owners to members who have been invested in the alpaca industry for 20+ years. It covers people from many different backgrounds including farmers, lifestyle block owners and city folk looking for an alternative lifestyle.