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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is the place for questions (and answers) that arise quite often. 

Q. I need to contact someone in the AANZ, where do I find the contact information?

A. Contact is usually by email - AANZ official contacts can be found in the following places

  • By clicking the 'Contact Us' button at the top right of the website on tablets and desktops. Mobile devices have a different layout.
  • In the 'About Us section under Contacts and Structure.
  • Individual AANZ Members contact details are listed in the Directory, in the 'About Us' section.

Q. I can't get into the ABRI Registry or ILR Online, do I need a new website password?

A. These are three separate websites, each with their own passwords (the usernames could be the same depending on how they are set up and it is often the member's herd code). The website simply has links set up on the Home page for your convenience.

  • The ABRI Registry is available to the public for the search function without a password. To access the Show System you will need to be an AANZ member with access granted and your own password. Please contact the registrar if you are having difficulty with this.
  • To access ILR Online for registry transactions you also need to be an AANZ member. This will mean a separate password too. Contact the registrar is you are a member and can't get into ILR Online.
  • The AANZ website is open to all with the exception of the members section.  If you are an AANZ member and can't log into the Members area, then contact the admin for a new members link.

Q. Where do I find the Expense Claim Form?

A. This is found in the Members section, under Governance then 'Administration'

Q. I would like to nominate a member for a position on National Council or a Regional Committee. Where do I find the nomination forms?

A. You can find these in the Members Section under Governance then click on Administration.