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Alpaca shows are important to the industry. They bring the members together, sharing a common interest in alpaca. Shows provide the best promotional opportunity for the industry, with exposure to the public. Many owners saw their first alpaca at a show. It is also a cost-effective promotional opportunity for individual studs or breeders.

An accredited judge can give an unbiased assessment of an alpaca exhibited in show ring. It allows breeders the opportunity to view and compare alpaca and discuss breeding strategies.

Show ribbons and awards add value to individual alpaca and farms that can be used in advertising alpaca for sale.

Showing alpacas is a fun experience for both exhibitors and spectators.  If you are interested in finding out about alpaca then attending one of the many shows put on by the A&P Societies in New Zealand is a good starting point.  If you are thinking of farming alpaca then go along to a local show and talk to the alpaca breeders there. 

Dates and locations of upcoming shows with an alpaca section are listed in the Events section. 

AANZ runs some stand alone shows but most are held in conjunction with annual A&P shows. Every year AANZ also host the National Alpaca Show, alternating between the North and South Island each year. Results from previous years can be found here National Alpaca Show Results. 


A Beginners Guide to Showing Alpacas