Alpaca shearing is a vital part of an alpaca’s life. Alpaca have been domesticated for the last 6,000 years and do not exist in the wild, as such they rely on farmers to ensure that their needs are met by being shorn every year. Shearing is an animal welfare issue and therefore one of the most important aspects of alpaca husbandry.
They can be shorn on a table or on the floor, both methods are safe for the alpaca and shearer. The alpaca is restrained, [legs and head] to ensure safety for alpaca and the shearer.  It usually takes approximately 5-10 minutes an animal.

A mid side fleece sample can be taken by the shearer for testing. Most shearers will trim the toenails while the alpaca is restrained.

Fleece is the most valuable product of the alpaca and care needs to be taken in harvesting to present in the best condition. Ensure alpaca are kept in a clean paddock before shearing day (free from weeds, sticky seeds etc).




Alpaca fibre should be harvested under the best possible conditions, starting on shearing day by doing the following.....

• Clean woolshed or shearing area on shearing day.

• Shear main colour first to avoid colour contamination.

• Shear lowest micron first to avoid contamination of strong fibres.

• Blanket first shearing.

• Clean shed between animals.

• Clean skirting area.

Blanket fleece [across the body] should be sorted into separate containers [plastic or paper bag], some like to also keep the neck fibre separate. Seconds [legs and bellies] are kept separate in bins, they can be collected in separate colours. Fleece for shows can be laid out flat then rolled in fabric to keep the shape.

List of Shearers

Below is a list of New Zealand shearers. If you are a shearer who has been missed or would like to be added, please get in touch. All shearers listed can include trimming toenails in their services. 



Mike Morgan021 251 7742 mike091@windowslive.comNationwideShow cuts, Floor shearing
Nigels Shearing03 327 8953 nigelwood777@gmail.comNationwideShow cuts, Floor shearing
Shear Pac03 3278952 shearpac@hotmail.comNationwideShow cuts, Floor shearing
Shear Light021 034 9950 ShearLight22@gmail.comNationwideShow cuts, Floor shearing



North Island

Shun Oishi021 029 31789 shunshearing@gmail.comAuckland, Northland, CanterburyShow cuts, Floor shearing
Mike Ottaway021 022 36850 RegionTable shearing
Keenan Scott021 0335509 shearing
Leon Jovanovic027 372 8860 leonj@windowslive.comBay of PleantyTable shearing
Justin Bray0278176646 BayTable shearing
Janice Aldridge06 752 0668 to WanganuiShow cuts, Table shearing
Eric Lister027 325 8101 NorthTable shearing
Allan Oldfield027 529 2491 allan.oldfield@gmail.comLower North IslandFloor shearing



South Island

Michael Matthews027 337 8925 matthewsshearing@hotmail.comSouth IslandFloor shearing
Brendan Riddle027 433 1094 shearing
James Dixon (Aus)022 614 7970 bravoshear@bigpond.comCanterbury, OtagoFloor shearing
Gus Patterson027 303 0544 Patterson.gus@gmail.comCanterbury, OtagoShow cuts, Floor shearing