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Health check

General Health Check System


The Health Checks Paddock Card provides details of the systematic health check that should be carried out at least once a month, or as often as you can, to ensure any health issues are identified early and attended to. The card identifies common ailments to look for over the different body parts of the alpaca.

This card also aids in determining ailments in sick and injured alpaca, however if you have an ALPACA DOWN you should consult your vet, providing them with as much information as you can.

If you need to take the temperature of your alpaca, see the section on Taking Temperatures for assistance.

Vaccination ‘5-in-one’ (Ultravac) or ‘10-in-one’ (Covexin 10) vaccinations are multi constituent vaccines which protect against Enterotoxaemia (pulpy kidney), Tetanus, Black Disease, Malignant Oedema, and Blackleg, with the 10-in-one covering more types of the clostridium bacteria. Give 1.5ml per alpaca under the skin (note that regardless of size the dose is the same)

Cria should be vaccinated at about 6-8 weeks with a second, booster dose four weeks later. Adult animals should be vaccinated at least annually. Pregnant females should be vaccinated 4-6 weeks before unpacking.

There is no overall support to give 10-in-one vaccine to cria, so to be on the safe side and give cria 5-in-one.

When switching over to 10-in-one as adults, remember that they do need a boost after 4 weeks. After that it is business as usual.

Talk to your vet about which vaccine to use.