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Lice Control - Lice is not a regular problem in alpaca, but it does occur. Lice usually occur on the top of the head, on the breast at the inside of the leg and just above the tail. Hold the fleece open for at least 15 seconds to detect any movement, you won’t see them straight away. You should seek veterinary assistance for treating lice.

Tick Control - Ticks are not usually a big problem in adult alpaca but they can suffer from ticks in ears, on the face, around the eyes and genital areas. Mostly ticks find an “open” area where there is not much fibre growth.

A large number of ticks can be life threatening to a cria, causing severe anaemia. Most people in “ticky” areas will notice them on the cat’s or dog’s face and ears. That is the time to check the cria.

Appropriate treatment includes:

  • Tick powder – this can be administered on the belly of a cria to get rid of the ticks, but it is not a deterrent.
  • Frontline for Dogs – this can be administered in the armpits of a cria and will keep it free from ticks for at least 4 weeks. Care must be taken not to put it on the back of the cria head as it smells and the dam won’t like it.
  • Ripcord – this can be administered to adult alpaca. It should be sprayed on the belly and genitals, and you can spray some on your hands and apply it to their ears and faces. Care must be taken to cover up the udder if the female is nursing a cria.

Ticks SHOULD NOT be pulled off as this leaves the nasty jaws embedded in the skin and can cause infections.