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Export Forms and Resources

Below are the latest Owner and Vet Declaration forms from AsureQuality (on behalf of MPI) and also the Export Farm Health log spreadsheet.
These forms will be the ones you will use in the future for export shipments.
The Export Health Farm Log spreadsheet has been developed by the EWG with input from AsureQuality vets. It includes all the information you need to be collecting if you are exporting alpaca to the EU or UK. We have tried to make the spreadsheet as simple as possible, but you may prefer a different layout. This is fine, as long as all the same information is collected.
As of May 2023 MPI is keen for all of us to retrospectively collate this information as best we can either for the past 12 months or the past 24 months, depending on the location of your farm and its Tb status.
The Export Health Farm Log will provide your vet with the assurance to sign-off on the vet declaration form. 
Members seeking the latest updates from the Export Working Croup can visit the Governance>Reports section here.