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AANZ Breed Standard

The Breed Standard used by AANZ


The Breed Standard is used to determine an alpaca, describing the natural characteristics and traits. These breed standards look at form, conformation and fibre.

There are two types of alpaca - Huacaya and Suri, separated only by their fleece

Qualification of an alpaca on the IAR is determined by the Breed Standard. The Breed Standard sits within the AANZ Registry Regulations and also the Show Regulations. Certified AANZ Judges use the Breed Standard when judging shows. 

There are disqualifying faults that preclude alpaca from being registered on the IAR

Disqualifying Faults

  • Abnormally short, stubby, bent or fused ears

  • Unevenness in facial symmetry or wry face greater than 10 degrees

  • Superior or inferior brachygnathism (overshot or undershot (jaw)) in excess of the allowable limits

  • A missing tail, an abnormally short tail, and a bent or kinked tail that cannot be manually straightened and that shows no evidence of break or calcification.

  • More than two toes on any foot or fusion of two toes on any foot

  • Hermaphrodite (the condition of having both male and female reproductive organs).