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Shelter and Shade

Like all animals, alpaca need access to shade in hot weather as they are susceptible to heat stress in conditions of high temperature and humidity. Shelter can also be necessary when the weather is very wet and windy for dams with new born cria, or before and after shearing. Even adult alpaca can suffer from hypothermia when shorn and exposed to heavy rain with the chilling factor of wind.

Trees are the best shade solution but must be protected when they are young. Alpaca can ring bark young trees and softer-barked mature trees such as willows.

A shed, a barn, roof over the yards, a firmly stacked block of hay in a U- shape, are all possibilities for shelter. Trees will also work as a windbreak and keep out some rain. Be aware that many alpaca will not go into a shelter, even when shivering with cold. It is unnatural for them, however once they have experienced the luxury of it, they quickly learn to utilise it. If you are locking your alpaca inside a shelter, make sure they have access to water.