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Alpaca 2021 Fleece Judging to go ahead

Alpaca 2021 Fleece Judging to go ahead

July 6, 2022

The Covid pandemic has had a major impact on our ability to host shows throughout the country. The 2021 National Fleece Show has been one of these casualties. However, we are pleased to announce that we now have a facility to host the judging of the fleeces entered.

The judging of the fleeces will take place over the period 2nd – 5th February at the Bunnythorpe Community Centre (just outside Feilding).

The Community Centre will be closed to the public and only those AANZ members directly involved will be permitted entry to the premises.

Medals, ribbons and Trophies will be awarded in the normal fashion and will be returned with the winning fleeces.

A full list of the fleece results will be emailed to the membership as soon as the results are final.

We wish all exhibitors every success.

Bob Phillips – Convenor

0274 320 357


Introducing the New AANZ Registry Team

One of the many things your National Council has been working on is building a relationship with PBB New Zealand, so that we can secure longevity and consistency for the alpaca registry […]

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World Alpaca Conference 2025

Your hosts Robin Näsemann, Heinz Kuhne-Pfaff, Simon Klink and the entire support team are excited to welcome you as a guest to the 2025 World Alpaca Conference in Ilshofen.

With the assistance of the German Organizations AAeV., NWK, AELAS, LAREU and AZVD we have created an exciting program that will have Alpaca breeders’ hearts beat a little faster. Every attendee has an early opportunity to review and select program events they are especially interested in. 

It is our vision to make WAC 2025 an event where Alpaca breeders from all over the world come together to meet, and collaborate on all things Alpaca: culture, breeding programs, and the industry.

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Alpaca Shearing

Alpaca shearing is a vital part of an alpaca’s life. Shearing is an animal welfare issue and therefore one of the most important aspects of alpaca husbandry. Alpaca can be shorn on a table or on the floor, both methods are safe for the alpaca and shearer. The alpaca is restrained, [legs and head] to ensure safety for alpaca and the shearer. You can find a list of shearers under the 'Farming Alpaca' tab.

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